Incorporated in 2021, TERRAGRN is a UK private sector company creating sustainable, biodiversity compliant, Bamboo based agroforests in Africa. TERRAGRN is pronounced “Terra Green” emphasising our intention to make our planet green once again.

At TERRAGRN, we contribute to food security, gender equality, reduced inequalities, and climate action through nature-based solutions that will create thousands of new jobs, bring more women into the workforce, and usher in progress and sustained livelihoods within communities.


Our Project in South Africa

In South Africa, TERRAGRN is growing sustainable, biodiversity-compliant, agroforest of 200+ million trees in 200,000 hectares of land before 2030. The forest would be FSC, SBP and PEFC certified. Over a third of the agroforest would have non-invasive varieties of Bamboo plants, while the rest of the forest would have fruit trees, indigenous cover crops (intercrops), and indigenous trees.

In the initial phase, we are investing in soil regeneration activities to improve soil organic matter, enhance soil structures, protect topsoil, and boost moisture retention ability in the soil. TERRAGRN is committed to “no till” and “no chemicals”. We will also implement several practical watershed solutions in collaboration with local communities to reduce surface run-offs, reduce evaporation, and improve groundwater level for the benefit of the agroforest and local communities.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

TERRAGRN will contribute to at least 16 of the 17 UN stated Sustainable Development Goals. We are contributing to job creation, food security, gender equality, reduced inequalities, clean water, better health and well-being, and climate action amongst other focal areas. We will engage and up-skill 300+ local women entrepreneurs in agroforestry, and create 50,000+ new jobs in the local region over the next eight years. The Forestry and Agriculture sectors are vital to South Africa’s economy, social welfare and job creation. The thriving agroforest in South Africa, once fully grown by 2030, would remove over 300 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere by 2050 expediting South Africa’s pursuit to become net-zero emissions.

Our Product

TERRAGRN is planting millions of a high-quality, non-invasive, clumping bamboo varieties as part of creation of the thriving agroforest. Once fully grown, we would harvest only 30% of the bamboo growth in each clump, leaving intact the remaining green cover for continued sequestering of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). After harvest, the emerging new shoots would grow to full height within twelve months, thus replacing fully the lost green cover. Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant through its useful life of 60-120 years.

In addition to the fruits and food crops from the agroforest for local consumption, TERRAGRN will produce multiple products from the harvested bamboo culms.

  1. White and black pellets will be produced each year for the Power, Heating, and Cement sectors to reduce their use of fossil fuels (coal and peat) and wood in their boiler processes.
  2. Bamboo fibre/ pulp will also be produced to serve the needs of the Paper, Textile, and Furniture sectors.
  3. Biochar will be produced to serve the Agriculture and Construction sectors.
  4. Activated Carbon will be produced to serve the needs of the Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, and Automotive sectors.
  5. Waste from the sustainable harvest of bamboo would also be used to produce electricity for the local grid through modern technology that doesn’t consume water and doesn’t create tar.

Tissue Culture for Rapid Scalability

Tissue culture is the only viable method to grow millions of the bamboo plants in a controlled manner within a short timeframe. TERRAGRN has access to a dedicated tissue culture facility with the capacity to create 55 million bamboo plants a year, achieved through seventeen cycles of multiplication.

This tissue culture approach also allows selective breeding of a clumping nature to ensure non-invasive high-yield cultivar at the ground level and gives full value of the investments in our venture. The Bamboo saplings having spent over 13 months in the Tissue Culture facility is subsequently cared for within a secondary hardening facility for 1-2 months to ensure proper development of its rhizome, before planting in the field.

Environmental Impact: Our Contribution to Net Zero

Social & Economic

TERRAGRN is creating 50,000+ new jobs within the local community in South Africa over the next 8 years. We anticipate several entrepreneurial businesses to emerge in adjunct sectors as a result of the thriving forest.

TERRAGRN is investing in skills development within the local community and infrastructure development within the region so more women and young people can enter the workforce and create a more inclusive economy.

The TERRAGRN vision is to achieve gender parity in education and employment within the local communities.